Congregational Prayer 2013.08.25


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Good afternoon, our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.
We, Your children, are gathering, and we unite our heart for this pray.

First of all, we would like to thank you for the breath of life that You’ve given us since we opened our eyes this morning, so that today we can still meet and greet to each other. This is a wonderful blessing.

Forgive us if, by any chance, we dishonor Your Holiness by hurting someone's feeling. As You’ve forgiven us, we also release forgiveness to those who has done wrong to us by any chance today.

We thank you for our pastor, Pastor Tim. It’s been such a wonderful time that You let him to be one of us. Today, we would like to bless Pastor Tim and his family who’re going to leave Korea soon. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray that they’ll do well in the States. We believe that You’ve prepared the best ministry and living environment for them. Let Pastor Tim and his family experience You in person while they live in the States.

Father, we pray that You’ll send Your person to be our leader replacing Pastor Tim. We’re asking for a true leader. In the name of Jesus Christ, we cast away all apathetic and unclean spirit, away from our Saemoonan community. We declare that SEM is cleaned from all false teaching and false prophet, in the name of Jesus Christ. We believe that the next Pastor will be the wise one, has a fatherhood spirit, the one that listen to only Your voice. We believe that You’ve already provided the right person, Father. Thank you very much.

And although Pastor Tim will leave this Church, we pray that this community will still grow much more bigger by Your grace. Together, in the name of Jesus Christ, we call everyone who always feels lazy to go to Church every Sundays. May Jesus visit them face to face, heart to heart; and put hunger of Your love in their heart, so they can come and join us. Your blessing upon them is the same with us in here. May all of their daily needs is being fulfilled and prosperity is happening in their life and our life.

Also for those who is in unhealthy condition; we would like to say that all of them, in the name of Jesus Christ, is well no matter what; for Jesus has already taken over all sickness on the cross, so we declare to all of the disease to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father, we thank you for our praise and worship team. May God bless them with new wine and never experience drought in every seasons. We pray for a great breakthrough happening in SEM praises and worships. May more and more new rhythms and any kinds of music will be held in SEM. May someday we could see all of the music instruments from around the world are being performed as a worship to You, here in SEM. Even the dance also will take some place in praise and worship team in SEM.

At last, we pray for our nation, Republic of Korea. Forgive our nation for making You sad. Jesus, in Your name, we pray together that the false teaching churches will stop growing in Republic of Korea, especially in Seoul. We pray for the new wave of revival to be happened again, here, in South Korea; as it happens in Wales, Azuza Street, and Toronto; a blessing awakening to be happened here in South Korea.

We also remember our friends in North Korea. Father, You know how hard it is for them to keep their faith there. We believe that something much more bigger has already been prepared ahead; much bigger than Pyongyang's revival before, it will happen again. The revival of the Christians in North Korea is right before our eyes.

We remember all countries around the world that is still struggling for war. We declare peace to be happened. Shalom for all nations.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.




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