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Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 07/March/2014. Hello dear friends and bretheren. It is good to know that we have a big family all over the world, in whom we can trust and believe because we serve and praise the Same Lord, Have the Same Faith and Same Holy Spirit. I am Joel Diaz, from Maracaibo, Venezuela and did take a few moments to write you and to ask you to pray for us; and for that reason I would like you to know what`s going on in my country. I do live and work in Venezuela and I am following the Lord with faith and perseverance and many years ago I did work with Operation Mobilization on board the Doulos´s ship. I also have some personal prayer request in order that you may pray for me, too. About Venezuela Today, more than never before, it`s urgently for all of us to ask our bretheren all over the world to pray for us. We have arrive to the point of not return. The situation isn´t easy at all. The Venezuela people usually it is very humble of heart, (like Puerto Rican says, we are very chevere, That that’s mean, easy to forgive and easy to forget. People are tired and it thinks to me that we have come to an end, and that is why I am writing this letter to you at the time (about 3 am in the morning). We are very concern and worry for what is going to happen from now on, especially for our children and young people who are dying in the streets every day. And that are the new for today, young people are dying today due the political situacion, that has to stop. There cannot be any longer to continue to happen this. The political, social and economic affairs (situation) in the country is getting worse (there is no longer bread flour and much less toilet paper and supplies in supermarkets), but in the midst of scarcity (shortage), there is abundance for those who believe in God with all their heart and I do believe God is allowing all these to bless us in a tremendous way. It`s hard to say, but perhaps more people are dying in the streets of Venezuela everyday due to robberies and political confrontation ´cause of the large number of weapons that people have, than during the war of Irak; For this and many other reasons I beg of you to Pray for Venezuela, that God may change the hearts of people. This is a very small country with a great people, it is very rich in minerals and oil, but at the same time very poor spiritually. And We Need that God may change the Hearts and that the people may come to his knowledge and understanding. Pray that God may send his angels and missionaries to spread the gospel all over the country. God uses these situations in order that people may look for God. Similar situations or worse happened in Colombia, and today Colombia is totally different; right now there`s a tremendous revival of God´ Power and his Holy Spirit in most cities of Colombia. About my Health Since the last year I have been suffering of a really terrible pain in my cervical column. The doctor gave the order for an operation very soon, I must be having the operation in the cervical spine, ´cause I have badly damaged the C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 discs. I trust the Lord for a miracle from him directly, or otherwise use the doctor in a wonderful way. Finanncial Need. I come to You, as well, because the Lord is giving me an opportunity to acquire a brand new vehicle in 1800 U.S.$ and I don’t want to miss such an opportunity. Currently, I am working as an employee of the Ministry of Education as a teacher, which income is very little (like 720 US $ per month), but I also I just started to work for a multinational company based in the State of Florida. The company is a Network Marketing in Tourism and Telecommunications. I have not yet canceled the entire cost of membership, which is U.S. $ 1000 that are still missing me. All together I need 2800 US Dollars for paying the total cost of the car and for the debt of the membership in that company. Beings the things so, I request of you to help me in prayer for this couple needs: buying a vehicle Volswagen Fox New Package for U.S. $ 1800,oo and end up canceling my membership Vision Travel Company for 1000,oo U.S. $. Here, I send you my Bank Account in the United States and if the Lord speaks to your heart about helping, I will be so pleased with God and you: Bank Name: BANK OF AMERICA, Account number: 00003509262634680, # ABA (Code Routing Bank): 06100052. Please verify that the account is in my name: JOEL DIAZ VARELA, Passport No. 064772172. May the Lord Continues Blessing You all. These are my telephone numbers: +584163502440 and +582519761410. NOTE: I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT YOU AND REMAIN THERE FOR A WHILE IN YOUR CHURCH, SERVING THE LORD. Sincerily yours, Joel Diaz Varela e-mail:




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