Subject :   Congregational Prayer 2015.04.26
Writer :   MisongMariaYu
Date :   2015-05-03 4:34:00

Our Father in heaven,
we are grateful for Your kindness and the ways Youve been taking care of us.
We are grateful to be a part of SEM that can praise and serve You, our Lord.
We are grateful to be able to celebrate Your birth every year.
We are grateful to have the freedom in this country to worship You.

We hope that in the Christmas of this year, we could become much closer to You; restoring You, our Christ, as the center of our Christmas;
not just as a celebration, not misappropriate it with party-hard celebration; which all have been replacing the presence of the Christ.
But, let the presence of SEM be a blessing to many people.
Let SEM be growing as a spiritually awoken church. Let Christ shines through us, through our words and behaviors, so that everyone who sees us would be able to feel the birth of Christ.

We also ask You that through the Christmas of this year, let it open the eyes of the hearts of the leaders in this country, so that this country will have leaders who fear, obey, and believe in You, our Lord.
Bless this country that we all may be used to be witnesses of Your blessings.

We also pray that this Christmas will bring peace to our fellow believers who live in a war zone; give them Your comfort. And with a deep sense of trust, we ask You to destroy Isis, the goddess from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt, who is currently trying to destroy Your children all around the world.

Father, let the news of Christ's birth from 2,000 years ago may come to the hearts that have been rejecting Your presence in their lives. Father, use our lives that in the Christmas of this year, through our lives, through our congregation, therell be many souls that can accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In the name of the Lord, Jesus, who has been born for us, who saved us; we pray this prayer.