Subject :   Congregational Prayer 2013.05.26
Writer :   SunChoi
Date :   2013-06-02 11:42:00

Loving God,

Thank you for this beautiful Sunday.
Thank you for this time where we praise You with one voice and worship you in one heart as Your children.

At this moment, we hope that we gaze upon Your beauty and give our love and bodies. Please help us to seek You, concentrate on You, and love You more and more.

Thanks for being here with us and embracing us with Your kindness.

Lord, You call every one of us as a worshipper, as a missionary in our life. So, please let us convey Your love and righteousness through our good deeds, thoughts, and words; but we do not, with our own strength; we may be failing lights if we try to shine our light for ourselves. So, please help us to obey You completely with humble hearts as Your sincere servants, and purely serving as Your lovers.

Help us seek only Your way, Your pleasing will and plans towards us.

Lord, use us as the channels of Your grace by serving others with Your love as You served us first. Lord, You said that whoever serves one of little children in Your name, he is the one who serves You. But, we sometimes forget Your command and didn't see our neighbors in need.

Have compassion on us, and please give us the eyes and the ears that can look after each other's difficulties. Give us the heart that can sympathize each other's hearts. So, let us serve You, our Lord.

Lord, please bless our Pastor Timothy Kim and strengthen his preach with Holy Spirit; and bless our SEM family. Ask for Christ's peace in us.

In Christ's name, we pray.