Subject :   Congregational Prayer 2013.06.09
Writer :   SeongkyungAngieOh
Date :   2013-06-09 7:42:00

Thank you, Lord, that we can worship You today.

How sweet and precious this time is; we pour out our heart to You and get to know You deeper and deeper through this worship.

Forgive us, Lord, for not having a thankful heart as each day we ought. We confess all of our sins without hiding anything and in every detail, so that we may also be answered in detail.

Lord, may our worship be acceptable for You. Empower Pastor Timothy Kim to preach in the abundant grace of Your Holy Spirit.

Help us to examine our life through Your words as looking in a mirror, and stand firm by faith. Let our life be focus on You alone. You alone are our hope and comfort.

Give us a very active and living faith which reveals Your glory.

In Jesus' name we pray.